On July 1, thirty leading Russian and international news outlets simultaneously published the report Ivan Golunov was working on just before his arrest. Journalists from seven Russian media sources had already begun working to complete the report before Golunov’s release. By July 16, about 2.5 million people had read Golunov’s exposé, which shed light on corruption and FSB ties in the Moscow funeral industry. 700,000 of those readers accessed the report on Meduza. Russian Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said in early July that Kremlin officials had seen the article. He added that Russian intelligence services also “had the opportunity to familiarize themselves” with the report, which includes allegations of misconduct committed by intelligence operatives. Peskov said any further investigation of those claims is now “the prerogative of those agencies.” There have not yet been any other official responses to the report. However, shortly before it was published, Russia’s federal property registration agency altered its record of a luxury property belonging to Alexey Dorofeyev, the head of the FSB branch for Moscow and the Moscow region. Dorofeyev featured prominently in Golunov’s investigation. The deed for his property now lists “The Russian Federation” as its owner.

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