On July 20, activists from the Libertarian Party staged a permitted rally on Sakharov Prospect in Moscow to advocate the registration of rejected independent candidates in the upcoming City Duma elections. According to the “Belyi Shchetik” (White Counter) organization, roughly 22,500 people attended the event. The crowd could have been even bigger: law enforcement restricted the number of demonstrators allowed into the public square, stopping protesters at metal detectors (though the police deny these allegations). In his speech during the rally, anti-corruption activist Alexey Navalny announced that another protest will take place next Saturday, July 27, outside City Hall, if “all candidates” aren’t registered within the week. Representatives of Moscow’s Election Commission later said Navalny is trying to bully the city’s officials. During the demonstration, police arrested a few protesters, while the event’s organizers handed out whistles, to help amplify the crowd’s anti-Kremlin chants. This rally wasn’t the first this week. Beginning on July 14, candidates rejected by city election officials have joined their supporters for evening protests at Trubnaya Square. Meduza special correspondent Irina Kravtsova attended the July 20 demonstration and recorded some of the most memorable moments.

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