The Meshchansky District Court examined the investigator’s request for the arrest of Yevgeny Kovalenko – one of the detainees for the action on July 27 – and sent him to the detention center for two months. The man is accused of having thrown a trash can in the direction of a riot policeman during a rally. Kovalenko is charged with article 318 of the Criminal Code (use of violence against a representative of the authorities).


The initiation of a criminal case against one of the rally participants became known from a TASS source earlier on July 29. According to Baza, the suspect is 48-year-old Yevgeny Kovalenko, the victim is a fighter of the National Guard Saliev.

The preventive measure will be chosen by the judge Tatyana Izotova. Protects the suspect lawyer by appointment Ivan Yurkov. Before the meeting, he tells reporters that he was called on the night of July 28. The suspect has already been interrogated, he wrote a confession.

A criminal case was initiated on the basis of a recording from the phone of one of the police officers who captured how a participant in the action throws a trash can at the victim.

According to Yurkov, Kovalenko is registered in the Chekhov district, and works in the departmental security of the railway. He is 48 years old.

Before the meeting, the lawyer of the man, Ivan Yurkov, tells the Mediazone correspondent that Kovalenko had already been charged, and the investigative actions took place from one o’clock in the morning until five in the morning on Sunday night.

With an hour late in the hall they lead a thin bald man, he is in blue shorts and a light green shirt in a cage with a short sleeve. Lawyer Yurkov explains to the defendant that he will object to the arrest.

In the hall are four journalists, an activist and an elderly mother Kovalenko.

Kovalenko photographs one of the journalists, the man calmly looks at the audience. He put his hands behind his back. In the aquarium, the handcuffs are removed from the accused.

Participants in the process gathered in the hall, everyone is waiting for Judge Tatyana Izotov, Kovalenko is standing.

– Yevgeny Dmitrievich, you better sit down, – the lawyer Yurkov addresses to him.

– Yes, something can not sit. Can I stand?

– Yes, of course, I only care about you.

Finally, Judge Tatyana Izotova comes into the hall, she asks Kovalenko to stand up, although he never sat down, and also to give her personal data is a standard procedure for identification.

Kovalenko Yevgeny Dmitrievich, born in 1971, was born in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Higher education, single, no children. Registered in the Chekhov district of Moscow region. Do not judge before.

Further to the accused explain his rights.

The investigator makes a petition for arrest. She says that Kovalenko pleaded guilty, the guilt is confirmed by the testimony of witnesses and the victim. The petition is read out very quickly, sometimes the investigator stumbles.

She cites the standard arguments about the need to be sent to the SIZO, talking about the severity of the crime and that the defendant could escape: the employee of the IC says that the technical means recorded “the moment of Kovalenko’s escape after the crime was committed”.

The investigator continues: Kovalenko is not registered in Moscow, which rules out house arrest, so she asks to send the man to the SIZO for two months, until September 27.

The prosecutor supports the representative of the UK. She considers the petition reasonable, and Kovalenko’s guilt – fully proved. The prosecutor also said that Kovalenko was trying to escape, but the security forces managed to detain him. “Another preventive measure will not ensure the interests of the investigation,” the prosecutor concludes.

The judge next asks Kovalenko several times if he objects to the arrest. Kovalenko thinks about it at first, but then replies: “I object.”

Speaker lawyer Yurkov. He notes that Kovalenko lives at the place of permanent registration in the Chekhov district of the Moscow region with his elderly mother, who has not been previously brought to criminal or administrative responsibility.

“Exceptionally honest way earns money at the place of official employment,” – says the defender.

He adds that the accused has no reason to hide, since he pleaded guilty. “Yevgeny Dmitrievich on his own initiative wrote a confession,” says the lawyer.

Yurkov asks that his client choose a measure of restraint not related to the guards.

The next stage is the investigation of the case materials. The judge very quietly lists the documents submitted by the investigator. It follows from them that on July 28, Kovalenko was interrogated as a suspect, on the same day he was charged under Part 1 of Article 318 of the Criminal Code, the protocol of detention was also mentioned.

The judge does not speak about other proofs of guilt of Kovalenko even after asking the parties whether they have any additions – they don’t – they immediately leave for the deliberation room.

The judge comes out and reads the ruling, she says quietly. She recalls that he was charged, lists the arguments of the parties. Izotova believes that the petition is subject to satisfaction.

In her opinion, Kovalenko can hide from the investigation and interfere with the investigation. Izotov sends Kovalenko to the SIZO until September 27.

The investigator comes to the aquarium, where Kovalenko stands, arrested at her request, and carefully says: “Everything will be in order, do not worry.” The rest is taken out of the hall.