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The Daily Digest is a selection of Ukraine’s top news put together by the Kyiv Post team six days a week.

Here’s your midweek news:

Ukraine’s Prime Minister Honcharuk meet with business representatives, promising them to create a business climate allowing the country to attract $50 billion in investments over the span of five years.

A Vinnytsia court arrested Craig Lang, a U.S. national who fought for Ukraine in the Russia’s war in the Donbas. Lain was arrested on a U.S. extradition warrant, he is accused of a double homicide and robbery back home.

Ukraine drops two places in the global competitiveness ranking, the World Economic Forum report shows.

A dubious Ukrainian lawmaker Andriy Derkach, adds himself into the Biden conspiracy by repeating Yuriy Lutsenko’s claims of the former receiving $900,000 from Burisma.


David Kramer: Those who worked with Trump must now tell Congress what they kno

Timothy Ash: Ukrainegate, Donbas and PrivatBank.

Steven Pifer: Did Zelensky give in to Moscow?

New York Times: Volodymyr Zelensky, man in the muddle.

From the archives

Here is our article from April 2018, where we take a look at who owns Ukraine’s oil and gas sector. One name is specifically of interest – Mykola Zlochevsky, the owner of Burisma Holding. Zlochevsky, Ukraine’s former ecology minister under Yanukovych – was accused of money laundering and illegally issuing oil and gas licenses to his own companies throughout 2010-2012. The former minister owns 38 oil and gas extraction permits through 14 separate companies, which gives him big control over the Ukrainian market.

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