Police officers inspect a Range Rover car in central Kyiv on Dec. 1, 2019, shortly after unknown attackers fired shots at it, killing a three-year-old boy inside the car.

Photo by Kyiv Police

A three-year-old boy was shot dead in central Kyiv on the evening of Dec. 1.

Unknown people opened fire at a Range Rover car which reportedly belongs to Viacheslav Sobolev, a businessman and a member of Kyiv Oblast Council.  

According to the police, the attackers tried to shoot the driver, presumably Sobolev, but missed him. The bullet hit Sobolev’s son who was in the car. The child died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. The attackers drove away in a Lexus car.

The accident occurred at approximately 5 p.m. at the crossing of Lva Tolstoho Street and Tarasivska Street in central Kyiv. Mario, a high-end restaurant that Sobolev owns, is located at the crossing. 

The police opened a criminal probe and are investigating the scene. 

Sobolev is a businessman from Donetsk, a city in eastern Ukraine that since 2014 has been occupied by Russian-separatist forces. He was elected to the Kyiv Oblast Council in 2015 as a representative of Petro Poroshenko Bloc, the party of the former president Poroshenko. He used to own a chain of grocery stores in Donetsk and served as the deputy head of Naftogaz, a state-owned gas and oil company. 

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