DTEK reduces coal imports by 20.1 percent, its production by 8.9 percent in nine months.

Photo by AFP

DTEK Group in January-September reduced coal imports by 20.1 percent (by 397,500 tonnes) compared to the same period last year, to 1.577 million tonnes, according to a company press release.

For the nine months, DTEK enterprises reduced production of coal by 8.9 percent (by 1.791 million tonnes) compared to the same period in 2018, to 18.197 million tonnes.

According to the company, production of gas and long flame gas (Ukraine) in January-September decreased by 6.9 percent (by 1.215 million tonnes), to 16.497 million tonnes, anthracite coal by Obukhovskaya mine administration (Russia) by 25.3 percent (576,300 tonnes), to 1.699 million tonnes.

Concentrate output decreased by 9.4 percent (by 843,800 tonnes), to 8.151 million tonnes. In particular output at third-party processing plants in Ukraine decreased by 70 percent (by 632,000 tonnes), to 270,700 tonnes, by Obukhovskaya mine by 17.3 percent (by 246,400 tonnes), to 1.174 million tonnes.

The group also reported that, taking into account trading operations outside Ukraine, it increased coal exports by 63.1 percent (by 217,500 tonnes), to 562,000 tonnes. All export operations were carried out from the resources of Obukhovskaya mine. At the same time, the enterprise reduced supplies to the Ukrainian market by 29.5 percent (by 352,300 tonnes), to 840,900 tonnes due to a lack of quota for coal export and the termination of shipments from June 1.

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