Servicemen of Ukrainian special operation forces and police officers are seen at the site of an operation to detain a man who reportedly was shooting and threatened to blow up a bridge across the Dnipro River on Sept. 18, 2019, in Kyiv.

Police are looking into the circumstances of the conflict resulted in a shooting in the restaurant along Antonovycha Street in Kyiv downtown, during which a man received body injuries, a communication department of Kyiv police reported on Dec. 3.

“Unidentified persons beat up a visitor of the restaurant along Antonovycha Street and fired several shots into the ceiling…A conflict broke out between several unidentified persons and a 29-year-old man, which turned into a fight. Subsequently, one of the participants in the incident took several shots at the ceiling of the restaurant, and after all the attackers fled in a foreign car,” reads the report.

The investigation team of the General and District Police Offices, patrol officers and doctors immediately left for the scene. Currently, search activities are being carried out to identify the whereabouts of the persons involved in the crime.

The police do not specify which restaurant is in question. According to the media, the shooting was in the restaurant ‘Baku’ along 88 Antonovycha Street.

The weapon fired was a traumatic gun and several people were injured in the shooting.

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