Russia’s War Against Ukraine

A woman reads a book while walking past a monument to Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky in front of the Russian State Library, also known as Lenin Library, in downtown Moscow on Oct. 23, 2019.

Photo by AFP

A total of 151 Russian publications with a combined circulation of roughly one million copies were banned from import to Ukraine in 2019, due to their “anti-Ukrainian content,” Ukraine’s State Committee for Television and Radio-broadcasting (Derzhkomteleradio) said in a statement.

“Based on unfavorable conclusions by the Derzhkomteleradio council of experts, 151 publications from the aggressor state, having a combined circulation of almost one million copies, with anti-Ukrainian content were banned from import after failing to meet the assessment criteria for printed material permitted for distribution in Ukraine, as well as license issuance,” the statement said.

Another 2,171 publications were banned either because the documentation required for obtaining a license was not submitted in full or because the documents which were submitted contained misrepresentations.

The agency also blacklisted 12 Russian legal entities, including nine publishing houses and three website owners, “which regularly distributed printed material with content aimed at eliminating Ukrainian independence, propagating violence, inciting ethnic, racial, and religious hatred, committing acts of terrorism, and encroaching on human rights and liberties.”

It was reported earlier that in 2019, Ukraine permitted the import of more than 4,600 Russian publications.

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