A man carries a wounded woman during a rescue operation after a central heating pipe breakthrough at “Ocean Plaza” mall in the central district of Ukrainian capital of Kyiv on January 13, 2020.

Photo by AFP

Seven people have been hospitalized as a result of a burst in a hot water pipe in the heating network near the Ocean Plaza shopping and leisure center in Kyiv, the Main Department of the State Emergency Situations Service of Ukraine in Kyiv said.

“Ten people were injured as a result of the emergency. Three of them received medical aid on site and the other seven have been hospitalized,” the state service said on Facebook, referring to the 103 ambulance service.

The rescuers carried seven passengers out of a bus, which got stuck in a hole on the road washed out by boiling water, and a trolleybus, which had to stop due to steam curtain.

“Hot water flooded the zero floor in the Auchan supermarket and the first floor in the Ocean Plaza shopping mall. All employees and visitors of Auchan and Ocean Plaza were evacuated. The rescuers carried six people out of the building,” the service said.

The rescuers also towed the bus from the hole in asphalt on the road.

On January 13 night, a hot water pipe burst near the Lybidska metro station in Kyiv’s Holosiyivsky district. Boiling water flooded the street and the zero floor of the Ocean Plaza shopping and leisure center.

Municipal enterprise Kyivteploenergo shut off hot water supply and started water pumping operations. The street near the emergency site was closed for traffic.

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