An Iranian man checks a local newspaper with a cover headline that reads “National Mourning” refering to the downed Ukranian jetliner outside the capital Tehran last week, in front of a news stand in the Islamic republic’s capital Tehran on Jan. 12, 2020.

Photo by AFP

On Jan. 8, a passenger plane of the Ukrainian International Airlines crashed in Iran. 176 people were on board, all of them died. In two days Iran admitted that it had accidentally downed a Ukrainian plane. Thereafter, anti-government protests began in the country. This is against the backdrop of straining relations with the United States. Many Iranians are convinced that if the plane was not of a foreign flight, the government of Iran would have not admitted the downing. Hromadske talked with Tehran residents about their reaction to the plane crash, life under sanctions, complaints to the government, fear of war and hope for peace. The names were changed at the request of the interviewees.

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