A discarded facemask sits on a street in Wuhan on Jan. 26, 2020, a city at the epicentre of a viral outbreak that has killed at least 56 people and infected nearly 2,000.

Photo by AFP

Join UP! Tour operator is intended to fly back its tourists from Hainan island on January 29 and February 1.

As the company said in its press release, the tourists, who paid for the tours in the forthcoming weeks, have a right to return the cost of the tour.

“The tourists, who have already purchased and paid for tours to Hainan in the coming weeks are entitled to a refund of the cost of the tour. They also have the opportunity to choose an alternative option for travel, in particular Sri Lanka, Egypt and other destinations,” reads a report from the tour operator.

As reported, SkyUp, which carries charter flights for JoinUp!, suspends its summer program to China for a period from February 3 to March 28 due to a coronavirus.

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